Sunday, January 2, 2011

One Year Ago

Today is my one year annivesary of joining Weight Watchers.  Today I renew my committment to the program and myself.  I made the committment last year to lose weight and for once, I have followed through with my New Year's Resolution.  2010 was the year.  I'm not quite there, but I'm on my way!  I'm so thrilled that I have finally been true to myself and started to take care of me! 

So today, one year from the beginning of my journey, I am on my way!  I am about 33 pounds lighter today than I was 365 days ago.  I am healthier, stronger and more sure of myself than I have ever been.  While I still struggle on a day to day basis, I know that I am capable of losing weight and controlling what goes into my body.  I know that I'm the only one who cares enough about me to make sure that I am well.  My journey continues into 2011 and I am proud to move forward.

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