Saturday, January 29, 2011

The Gym!

The 90-day Fitness Challenge has begun!  I'm facing this new challenge with a mixed sense of excitement and dread.  I know this exactly what I need to continue losing weight, but the thought of getting to the gym at least three times each week is somewhat daunting.  Not only will there be the physical challenge on my body, but making the time to go will be a challenge too.  Physically and emotionally I feel better than I ever have.  My body feels in better shape than any point in the last ten years and I have the confidence that had slowly faded away over the years.  So I will face this challenge with the assurance that I will not only get through it, but excel. 

I went to the gym today and the strain on my muscles is already evident.  It's that good feeling that you get when you do something hard and get through it.  I'm excited to continue and I'm sure that I'll reap the benefits of weight loss and continued mental health!

Part of the challenge is setting health related goals.  We are encouraged to set several in different areas of our lives.  I'll share two of the goals I have set for myself here.  My goal is, over the next 12 weeks to lose 18 pounds.  That is about 1.5 pounds per week.  On Weight Watchers alone, that is an adequate goal per week.  Hopefully, as my body adjusts to the change from inactivity to activity, I can sustain that kind of weight loss.  In addition to this, I hope to run, not walk/run, a 5K.  I think with improved stamina and endurance, this is a very attainable goal.

So the challenge ends in May.  I will continue to post on my progress in weight loss and training. 

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