Monday, January 17, 2011

My Pants

Today is Martin Luther King Jr.'s birthday which meant I spent the day at home with my two kids.  Usually I enjoy days like this as I have a chance to hang out with my two favorite people and I don't have to worry about getting them off to some place.  Things started off really well.  After a leisurely morning, I took my eight-year old daughter bike-riding at a state park at the bay near our house in sub-arctic temperatures.  It was much more fun than it sounds, believe me.  It gave me a chance to try out my new bike (which, incidentally I got for free from my rewards points from my credit cards, but that's a story for another time) and to jump start my seriously lacking workout routine.  In about two weeks, I'll be starting a 90 day fitness challenge, so I'm trying to get myself in gear before the fun begins!  Anyway, I took her biking while the two year old spent the afternoon with his grandmother.  This meant that he missed his nap.  That's where things got a little hairy!  Because he was overly tired, everything, and I mean EVERYTHING PISSED HIM OFF!!!  He wanted toys in his bath, BUT NOT THOSE TOYS!  He wanted to get out of the tub, BUT NOT YET!  He wanted to get wrapped up in a cozy blanket, BUT WITHOUT A DIAPER!  He was hungry, BUT DIDN'T WANT FOOD!  You get it I suppose! 

So...what does this have to do with my pants?  Well, nothing really.  I just wanted to set the stage of my psyche when I tell about this next really cool part.  After the little terror finally fell asleep in my bed (at 7:30, which might turn into a nightmare later tonight), or should I say fought off sleep as long as humanely possible because of course HE WASN'T TIRED, I carried him to his bed.  As I walked down the stairs, I felt my pants start to slip down onto my hips.  I grabbed them and started to pull them up to their normal position, and then had a thought...what would happen if I let them fall, and then maybe helped them down a little, but without unbuttoning them, of course???  Well, guess what!  I was able to pull these pants off my big butt without undoing them!!!!  While this, in and of itself, is pretty freaking awesome, the even better part is that this is the third size that I've shrunk out of!!!  Since I started my "lifestyle change" last year, I've left behind sizes 18 (and if I'm really honest, probably size 20 too), 16 and it finally looks like size 14 is on its way out the door!!! 

As I walked down the stairs and saw my husband watching TV on the couch, I told him to look over to me.  As I pulled my pants down without unbuttoning them, I saw a little (and I mean little) grin move across his face.  He's not one to show his emotions very easily.  If you know Nino, you know that satisfaction is hard to come by.  That brief moment of happiness MADE MY DAY! 
All said and done, today, as most days are, was one of ups and downs.  At least one of the downs was shrinking out of too-big pants!


  1. Tema congrats on shrinking yet another size. Even though your husband probally won't tell you he does notice the weight loss and sister I know I can definetly see it. I am so proud and inspired by your efforts. By the way this first week of weight watchers for me was a 3.5 lb weight loss and a total of 4 inches (adding all of the different parts up) Keep up the good work.

  2. You're AWESOME! That's great for the first week! I'm very impressed that you're doing your measurements too! I wish I had started with measuring, but I never did. :(

    Keep it up too!