Monday, January 31, 2011


Okay, so I just got my BUTT KICKED at some cardio-strength training blah blah blah class!  That was so intense.  I have muscles hurting that I didn't even know existed!  I know that's very cliche, but wow, is it true!  This is the first class I've taken at the gym since the start of the challenge, and I can't even articulate how energized and yet physically drained I am.  It's a good feeling, but I guess they call it a 90 day challenge because it's really, really hard.  After tonight, I have a whole new appreciation for my "friends" on The Biggest Loser.  Feeling what I feel now, and thinking that they are at it for hours at a time and that they have a lot more body to move around than I do, my hat goes off to them.  So, thankful that I'm being held accountable to my black team at the 90 day challenge, I move forward from here, albeit a little more slowly and gingerly!

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