Saturday, February 26, 2011

Headed Back Down

Okay friends, it's been a few weeks and the weight loss has STALLED OUT!  No worries though, after gaining 3 pounds since the working out started, I'm on my way back down.  I've lost the three pounds I put on and think I'm heading in the right direction again!  Thankfully!

As my body has started growing accustomed to physical movement and my muscles have stopped screaming out in pain, I feel like I'm really starting to feel significant benefits from working out.  I feel stronger and more energized.  Sometimes I'll be watching TV and think to myself how good I'm feeling and that maybe I should get off the bed and get some exercise in.  It's made such a hugely positive impact on my day to day focus. 

Today I'm feeling headachy, and remembering that I used to feel this way at least twice a week.  Since losing weight and treating my body better in general, it's now a rarity to feel so bad.  I'm thankful to have my life under control in this way.  I wish my head didn't hurt right now, but what a great feeling to know that instead of living in constant dread of migraines and headaches, I can live knowing that these are things that will come on occasion, but I don't have to live in fear that they'll plague me! 

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