Sunday, February 13, 2011

My Own Personal Work-Out Machine

As I went to my second Yoga class today, I had two epiphanies.  The first one was this:  Yoga is Brilliant!  I think so because of the genius way in which it uses your own body and muscles and weight to work yourself out.  I mean these "planks" and "downward dogs" are really just using your body as weight to exercise itself!  That's brilliant!  So, I guess I'm wondering why if I have my own work-out machine, am I going to the gym?  Just something to think about.

Also...I'm wondering, what, exactly is the distinction between meditation and sleeping?!?!?!  I felt like I got into this nice meditative state today at the end of the session, but then I wondered if in fact I was just dozing off.  I'm not really sure about this.

Anyway, I'm back to strength training tomorrow and I'm sure some sore muscles!  I'll keep you posted.

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