Sunday, March 20, 2011

The Power of Air

To think I almost skipped yoga today to stay home and watch television!  Today was not the day to skip.  I'm so glad I got my lazy butt up and finally went!  I had the most amazing practice today and finally have come to realize the power of breathing.  You see, (and for those of you who actually know about yoga, please excuse my pathetic explanations) yoga focuses a lot, and I mean, a lot on breathing.  There's this special breath that you do (insert Hindi word here) where you take air into your body and expand your stomach area and then when you're exhaling, you push your naval back toward your spine.  Welll...turns out that if you maintain your breathing like this for the length of the practice everything becomes a lot easier and the positions are more manageable and it gives you almost superhuman strength!  I mean, it was super intense today and so thoroughly and completely invigorating! 

Besides fully appreciating the breathing component I continue to stand in awe at the instructor who manages to not only make the classes fun and energizing, but she also somehow makes it so that I feel like I'm engaged in this hour long dance class that allows me to flow so seamlessly from one move to the next.  It's like each position goes so effortlessly into the next.  Another class I recently took felt more like the positions were independent of one another making it seem sort of stilted and awkward.  Today wasn't like that though.  Today I felt like a tree swaying its branches in the wind; a lovely dancer with a flowing dress! 

Ah...I think I've said enough!

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