Thursday, March 10, 2011

Aha! And Other Moments of Insight!

I think I've finally figured it out!  Today I went to a work session and did some serious running, sprinting, and interval stuff...I think that's what I did anyway, I'm not so in touch with all of this fitness lingo...and it's starting to become clear.  I think the weight loss has been stalled because I've been doing activities that are more toning and not so fat burning.  The things that I have done that are more fat burning, like running and spinning/cycling, I've not done to the point where I've had to push myself and really get my heart rate up.  I've been going through the motions, but not actually making it so that I can't breathe when I'm done.  Not that I suggest asphyxiation, but having to stop and catch your breath might be worth something.  It's a lot harder too, these exercises.  It really requires more will-power to actually force yourself into a position of making it hard to breathe.  Kind of goes against my natural instincts of wanting live, but whatever.

On another note, I'm so proud of my Weight Watcher buddies.  One of them just made her 5% weight loss (in TWO WEEKS!!!!)   and the other, not sure if she's made any milestones, but she's well into the plan and down I think about 13 pounds!  AWESOME!  I love having other people to talk with about the program and am forever encouraged by their progress and their suggestions.

At the WW meeting this week, we talked about the four pillars (or something like that) about the new WW program.  One of them is "treat yourself".  Just a word about that...WW and any other program shouldn't be about deprivation, but rather about finding balance in your life.  If you can't enjoy a little cookie here or there, or a taste of ice cream then you're setting yourself up for failure.  What is key, is that when you do treat yourself, that you eat something that is really worth eating.  The other day, I had a little bit of ice cream.  I started to eat it and discovered that I wasn't really enjoying it.  Instead of forging ahead and finishing what I had served myself, i chose to throw the rest away.  It really wasn't worth the points that I was going to have to spend to finish it.  The taste was good and got me through wanting to have it, but that was all I needed.  Treat yourself in moderation.

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  1. Sometimes a hard candy mint or crystalized ginger (nice aftertaste) can be a satisfying treat.