Saturday, December 25, 2010

The Battle Continues!

Christmas Day 2010!  The last few weeks have been difficult.  I've struggled to stay on task and the last 3 days I've downright ignored all healthy eating practices and have gluttonously eaten my way through Christmas.  I'm hoping to get back on track tomorrow.  I've printed out a shopping list for healthy eating and I'll start tomorrow to regain control of my life again!  I've discovered that while eating well is a challenge and eating poorly isn't, I don't feel any better eating junk food.  I don't feel more hungry when I'm eating on plan but I do feel emotionally more in touch with my body and my hunger.  When I splurge and eat whatever I want, I end up feeling physically and emotionally unwell.  It doesn't make me feel any freer or happier to eat junk.  Tomorrow is a new day and while I may have gained a few pounds over the last few weeks, I won't let that break me.  I will take control again and move forward! 

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